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Honey P. is a contributor at our sister site, A Hamburger Today. She's also a one-time resident of The K.C., where her parents still live. She filed this report while on a recent trip to visit them.

Location: 6541 West 119th Street, Overland Park KS 66209 (b/n Metcalf and Nall) [map]
Phone: 913-451-SPIN (7746); carry-out only
Website: spinpizza.com

BY HONEY P. .::. When Papa P. said, "I'll tell you where to get the best pizza," on a recent Friday night, you can bet lil' Honey was all ears. (Yeah, so what I chill with the 'rents on weekends, nothing wrong with that, right?) Point was, Papa knows pizza, and although he lives in The K.C., where the beef is a lot easier to come by than a decent pie, he does his best to satisfy his insatiable crunchy, salty, tomato-topped needs.

Papa's vote was for Spin! Neapolitan Pizza. Not having lived in suburban Kansas City for the last 10 years, the only slice I knew Dad was cool with came from Il Trullo. Papa says what? We set our game plan in action: Mama downloaded the menu, we placed a phone order, and in 15 minutes we were picking up gourmet pies from the nearby strip mall that houses Spin. (Carry-out only; Spin does not deliver.)

Spin offers a veritable Gourmet Garage of choices, at least for these parts, but purist Pa went for pepperoni while Ma and I gloated over our much tastier "patate," topped with a layer of roasted potatoes and red peppers, goat cheese, scallions, and crispy pancetta. Although I prefer razor-thin potato slices on pizza, the half-inch-thick medallions, enveloped in garlickly goodness, melted right into the savory mess of toppings. Potato, we hardly knew ye. The patate came from the "Pizza Bianca" portion of the menu, so if you think a pie needs sauce, think again.

My only complaints are with the excess of olive oil (seems the crust is brushed with it) and the lack of charring on the underside of the pizza (maybe they should turn the heat up on those stone-lined ovens). It's hard to criticize though with such flavored toppings and crust. (Remember, you're in the K.C., bitch.) Plus, a smattering of tiny curls of Parmesan completes each pie, whether it's a "rossa" or "bianca" special, a sign that the master of the marble countertop knows a true finish.

Spin is not the cheapest. Their 12-inchers average $10.50, and additional toppings cost $1. And don't expect any two-for-one Domino's deals. However, as quality becomes just as important as quantity on take-out night with the fam, Spin-style pizza should be just what you order.

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