Not to be a pizza weblog that complains about something without offering a solution, we propose to spearhead a collection to buy Dom DeMarco a Take-A-Number system. Who's in? $550 for:

  • Two-Digit Indicator with bar-segmented numbers and black housing

  • Wireless Receiver with mounting bracket

  • Electrical Adapter plug-in Set 1P

  • 2 Remotes with Velcro

  • D900 Ticket Dispenser, red/gray

  • Counter Stand for Dispenser

  • Take-A-Number Sign for Dispenser (English)

  • 6 Rolls T90 Tickets (4,000 tickets per roll)

Four thousand tickets per roll? That should get Dom through half a day.

Take A Number 2-Digit Wireless Ready Set Kit [Take a Number, Inc.]

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