NYC pizzeria owners, here's your chance to help out a pizza lover cut off from the New York style—and make some extra scratch:

I am looking for someone, a restaurant owner preferrably that will sell me fresh pizza dough. I would need it shipped to Indianapolis. My Dad, from the Bronx, now living in Florida, is coming to visit and he makes homemade pizza but hasn't had any dough from NYC since we left New Jersey 16 years ago. I would like to surprise him with this as a gift. If anyone could provide this for me I will pay a reasonable price for the dough and shipping. Or, if anyone knows where I could purchase it that would be much appreciated.

This Indianan might want to try one of the New York–based mail-order pizza outfits we posted about last year: Mail-Order Pizza.

Wanted: italian pizza dough [craigslist]


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