A Hamburger Today

Deep-Fried Pizza

129 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn NY 11201 [map]
718-855-7775; chipshopnyc.com
Cost: $3 a slice
The Skinny: Inspired by the Scots, who have a penchant for deep-frying just about anything, the battered slices at the Atlantic ChipShop taste like a combination of a pizza roll and a mozzarella stick. Very good, if you're into those things.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but video is priceless, especially when it comes to the wonder of deep-fried pizza. Take a peek:

We'd like to express our gratitude toward Mr. Sell and Mr. Carpenter. Thanks for your hospitality, mates!

Deep-Fried PIzza: Stills from the Set [Slice's Flickr photostream]

Apropos of nothing ... Have you ever noticed how easy it is to mistype fried as friend? That's your fingers tellin' you something. Very wise, those digits are.

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