Slice Turns 3

Pizza cakes!, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of girlpirate
Today is our third anniversary. And what an auspicious day. Who could ask for anything better than to have a birthday on a Friday the 13th in October?

Mad props to Slice editors Seltzerboy and E-Rock. Many thanks to the various contributors who have written pieces for Slice throughout the years. And, last but never, ever least, much love to our readers, who continue to surprise us with tips, photos, and feedback; keep it all coming!

As we start another year together, I offer you all this blessing: May your dough always rise to meet you, may your crust be charred with spots of black. May our puns put a smile upon your face and your pies slide softly from your peel. And until we eat again, may God guide a slice of heaven into your hand.*

Thanks again for another fun year and, as always, hasta la pizza!

* Yeah, I know, it kinda falls apart after the first sentence. Feel free to send in suggested rewrites.


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