The DJ Bubbles Drive-By Pizza ReportAfter much discussion and smacktalk about it in the Comments section, Slice was able to get a copy of the infamous "Syracuse Pizza Manifesto" by pizzafans D.J. Bubbles (right) and M.C. Treats. Though less a "manifesto" than a list, it is nonetheless helpful for pizza-craving 'Cuse folk. We'll see if this starts a flame war with the pizza cognoscenti in Syracuse the way it did between Bubbles and Mr. Cutlets.


10. PEPPINO'S: Great crust, good cheese, but a little too greasy.

9. MARTINO'S: Grab a great slice (much better than ordering a pie here) and be thankful that there is at least one decent joint on Thompson Road.

8. JOHNNY'S: Thicker than most so pile on their fresh toppings and enjoy.

7. GINO & JOE'S:
Gotta go north for this pie but it's worth the trip for their slices; if you can stand the grease.

6. MOVINO: Wood-burned oven pie. A little pricey but worth it. Give the pesto slice a try. Toppings are a little stale, stay with the plain cheese pie.

5. DINO'S PIZZERIA: The crust is too bland and there's not enough sauce, but they still serve a great NY style pie.

4. ZJ'S PIZZA: Number one on the Hill for a reason. Terrific slices, so-so pie.

The only place to eat after the bars close in Armory.

A little dirty inside, but try a slice, you won't regret it. Good luck finding a time when they're actually open.

1. PEARL STREET DELICATESSEN: This place could make a profit in NYC. Using Grande mozzarella, a sweet sauce, and a crispy, thin crust, these gents make it just the way it should be made in the state of New York.

Honorable Mention:
Fratelli's, Bosco's Pizzeria, Varsity Pizza, Acropolis, Dominick's (tomato pie), Mario & Salvo's, and Twin Trees.

The "You Need To Try Harder" List: Slices, La Seniora, Sabastino's, Dorian's (it's a shame that the Westcott NationĀ© has two bad pie joints and no good ones), Cosmo's, Pavone's, Niko's, Uncle Chubby's, and of course, all of the chains.

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