More Times collateral. This time, a question from a new reader in Miami:

Hi there Adam: Learned about you from the article on Totonno's vs. Domino's. I moved here to Miami two years ago, and as a third-generation Manhattanite, I must tell you that I really miss good pizza. I loved Totonno's, but since I lived in Greenwich Village for the past 15 years, I really loved a slice from Joe's off of Sixth Avenue near Cornelia Street as well as the pizzeria on University Place near 13th Street (my old neighborhood). Those were my weekly haunts.

The reason I'm writing is to see if you know of any pizza places here in Miami that are at least good if not very good. With all the transplants from New York and the surrounding areas, there must be something! Only places I have found are a small chain called Archie's, which is OK, and also a place called Spri that is just so-so. But it let me tell you, it's no New York. Honestly, if I could find a great slice here, Miami would be Utopia!

Let me know if you have any insight. Great job with your site - I think it's hilarious and wonderful! —Emily G.

So how 'bout it readers? Any suggestions for good New York style pizza in Miami?


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