Dear Slice,
Got to your site from the NY Times article on Domino's Brooklyn Pizza. Since I live in NC now, this is what passes for pizza down here. I am originally from Brooklyn and haven't had a good slice of pizza since the last time I was in NY.

I notice that the state of NC doesn't have a link on your site. Does this mean that there is no place in the whole state to get a good slice of pizza? I live near Matthews, which is Southwest of Charlotte.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, although we aren't ready to move back to NY....yet. —Susan V.

Dear Susan,
The Pizza by Location list in the left-hand sidebar indicates that we've got some sort of blog post (review or commentary) from a specific city, state, or country. If there's no link, there's no content for that area.

But don't despair! Just because we don't have a North Carolina link there doesn't mean there's not good pizza to be had in the Tarheel State. Fellow pizzablogger Tom Sliker maintains the New York Pizza Blog, which seeks the best New York–style pizza joints outside of New York City. In North Carolina, he lists:

Roma's Pizzeria: Atlantic Beach
Anthony's Pizza: Bryson City
Carlo's Pizza: Charlotte

I hope you're close to one of those.

Hasta la pizza,


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