I recently had a reader email me that he'd be in town and had one day to hit the following pizzerias:

> Di Fara
> Joe's
> Famous Ray's (Sixth Ave. and 11th Street)
> Sal's & Carmine's
> Patsy's
> Vinny Vincenz

"What would your itinerary be for this, with as much of it using public transport as possible?" he asked.

Here's my response. Slicers, chime in if you have a better route ...

Well, I'd start at Di Fara first, since that place is a MAJOR time sink. You should probably take a cab from the airport right to Di Fara. You should get there at 11:30 a.m., which is when he opens the shutters. If you're one of the first there, you can grab a couple slices and skeedaddle. After that, I guess I'd head into Manhattan (the train is RIGHT near Di Fara), since the Manhattan ones are easiest to get to and you'd at least have a larger sampling if you found you weren't making good time.

Here's what I'D do, given your list ...

Cab it from JFK to Di Fara, timing it to get there as close to 11:30 a.m. as possible.

After you finish your slice at Di Fara, walk out the door. Look to your right. See the subway? (It's actually running aboveground here -- it's the elevated bridge thingy about a half block from you.) That's the Q train. Get on it, on the Manhattan-bound side (the side farthest from Di Fara).

Take the Q to 14th Street-Union Square.

Once at Union Square/14th Street, you need to get to First Ave. You can either transfer to the Brooklyn-bound L train (stay in the station for this) and get off at the First Avenue station or you can walk to First Avenue (exit the station and walk east -- just ask someone for directions). It's probably about the same either way, so you might want to walk to see some of the Big Apple.

Get on the Eighth-Avenue-bound L train at the First Avenue Station (14th Street and First Ave.) DO NOT get on the Brooklyn-bound L train or you'll waste some precious time.

Take L train to Sixth Avenue station. Exit. Walk down 3 blocks to Famous Ray's.

Again, this leg of the journey, you could probably just walk, as it's about a 15-minute walk -- the train would be only a little faster.

Famous Ray's is only a little away from Joe's. Walk out the door of Framous Ray's, and stay on the same side of Sixth Avenue, walking along Sixth downtown. The street numbers should be getting smaller. Walk past West 4th, past West 3rd, and watch for Carmine Street on your right. It'll be going slightly diagonal to Sixth Ave. Bang a right, and you'll see Joe's in the middle of the block.

Exit Joe's, take a left. Go to Sixth Ave. Take another left. Walk up Sixth Ave till you see the West Fourth Street Station. Go in, take an uptown-bound A train.

Stay on train till 59th Street-Columbus Circle

At 59th, transfer to a 1 train.

Take 1 train to 103rd Street.

You should be pretty much there, within a block.

It's probably fastest just to cab it to Patsy's, but if you want to bus it, walk up Broadway to 116th Street106th Street, and hop on the eastbound M116 bus to First Ave.


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