An interesting note about a quirky wedding just came to my inbox.

Hi Adam,

Just idly listening to Imus in the Morning, which is a rarity as I usually have Mike and Mike on (ESPN Radio). Today I heard their sports reporter, Chris "The Continent" Carlin (who also broadcasts Rutgers football games), announce that he is marrying Sheryl Spain, a local publicist, this Saturday (or today?). Not a shotgun wedding, as this is apparently not new news. But it's where they are getting married that takes the pie.

Yes, a pizzeria. Not just any slice joint either, but John's! Seems the place will close for the occasion, just as if it was another private party, but apparently this is a first-of-its-kind event. Did you know about this?

A search of information contains passing references on Imus-related blogs, but no specific mentions. I didn't catch which location but i'm willing to bet it's the midtown one. I'm gonna listen to Imus more to see what other info can be found.


This is the first I've heard of it, Dan. It reminds me of the awesome photo below. I don't know who this couple is or whether they got married at Joe's Pizza (on Carmine Street), but they do look happy, don't they?

Photograph from Flickr member jsmooth995, via Nicholas Tang.


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