Late last week, our long-lost roving reporter, E-Rock, checked in with a voicemail message stating that he was waiting in a two-hour line for a seat at Phoenix's Pizzeria Bianco. Here's his report:

I thought the place was really cool. It's kind of just off downtown, right near where the Diamondbacks play. As your photo shows, it's a pretty small place, but they own a stand-alone bar next door (Bar Bianco) where you can wait. And it's like drinking in someone's house. They also have benches and stuff outside where you can sit. A very relaxing, homey set-up. I drank this beer from Tempe, Arizona, called Hop Knot. The stuff is so strong it's like I had a kind bud lodged in my trachea.

The pizza is definitely worth the wait. You just have to plan things out. Before heading to the bar, I wandered around downtown Phoenix, which has more construction going on than Dubai. The two hours really flew by, but you can probably chalk that one up to jet lag or my enjoyment of the warm weather.

We ordered the pizza Margherita, and this nonsauce thing called the Rosa, which has a couple cheeses, red onions, olive oil, and these Arizona pistachios (WTF?). Very nice. I would definitely put it up there with anything I've had in New York City. But was it better. The best? I don't freakin' know. I was trying to figure that out. I decided that I still have to go to with Patsy's. I guess it's like one of those drug things when someone says their first line was the best and nothing else ever lived up to it. (I've always wondered¬ódo they mean the first one ever or just of the night?) Anyway, when you're a junky, it's hard to differentiate, especially when everything you're dealing with is such high quality.

By the way, I also went to Pink Taco in Scottsdale. It was like eating in a Juicy Couture store.

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