One of the (many) nice things about working at Serious Eats as its managing editor is that Slice now has access to some great video. We've been slaving away at Serious Eats world headquarters, making some good movin' pictures for you to watch, and this, IMHO, is one of the best. In it, we've worked with Michael Stern, who, along with his wife, Jane Stern, are the mad geniuses behind the Roadfood franchise—books, magazine columns, and the website. Here, Mr. Stern visits Frank Pepe's in New Haven. Tune in, turn on, and pig out!

Seen in This Video

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
Address: 157 Wooster Street, New Haven CT 06510 (map)
Phone: 203-333-7373 (PEPE)
Further reading: All Pepe's entries [The Slice Archives]

About Jane and Michael Stern

Jane and Michael Stern have written numerous books on road food; write the monthly column "Two for the Road" in Gourmet magazine; and run the website, a review forum for one-of-a-kind places like Pepe's. We like Jane and Michael because their hunger for offbeat roadside eats knows no limit. Through their books and website, they've made it easy for the rest of us to find serious local eats, whether as a pit stop on a road trip or as destination in its own right.


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