Some sad news today. Romero Morales, a bartender at DeMarco's Pizzeria (a kinda-sorta offshoot of legendary Di Fara) was shot and killed last night for unknown reasons by a gunman. The shooter ran from DeMarco's and was chased by two auxiliary policemen—Nicholas Pekearo and Yevgeniy Marshalik—, who were then shot and killed by the gunman. The shooter, in turn, was shot and killed by cops arriving on the scene moments later.

The New York Times says:

It was unclear last night what lay behind the first shooting at the pizzeria, DeMarco’s at 146 Macdougal Street. The police said the gunman, wearing a fake beard, walked into the restaurant and was given a menu by Mr. Romero. When Mr. Romero turned away, the authorities said, the gunman shot him 15 times in the back.

When asked at a news conference this morning at nearly 2:30 what had prompted the attack, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said, “It’s just inexplicable.”

Our condolences to the family and friends of the bartender and the staff and owners of DeMarco's and to the family, friends, and colleagues of the two auxiliary police officers

Update: The Associated Press is reporting:

Authorities were investigating why David Gavin, 32, went into a pizzeria around 9 p.m. Wednesday, asked for a menu and then shot an employee 15 times in the back before fleeing, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

A neighborhood resident, Tina Lourenco, said she saw the gunman and recognized him as a former employee of the pizzeria.

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