John's Pizzeria Closed by Dept. of Health, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of Slice

Well, it looks like Yum! Brands is not only responsible for the reprehensible pies belched out by Pizza Hut but also indirectly for the March 1 temporary shuttering of venerable Greenwich Village pizza joint John's, on Bleecker Street. (Yum is the corporate parent of both the Hut and Taco Bell, whose rat infestation of the nearby Village Bell location last week made nationwide news and grossed us all out.)

It seems that due to the extensive media coverage of a certain fast food restaurant and the scandal surrounding the N.Y.C. dept. of health, they are now trying to save face and set examples.... It seems that after 70 YEARS in business they have decided that we need a sink CLOSER TO the Pizza making area, have PROPER lids on our RESTROOM GARBAGE CANS, seal airtight, every possible crack and hole in our 150 year old basement.... and MOST IMPORTANTLY keep our basement door closed....

As unbelievable as this sounds, the Inspector informed us there are now NEW LAWS as of THIS WEEKand shut us down.... so we are spending our day Filling cracks and filling out paperwork. We are TRULY sorry for any inconvenience and assure you we will be open a.s.a.p........

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