Pizzaiolo Michael Ayoub in the 'Brooklyn Paper'

The previous post reminds me that I was negligent in blogging this item about Cronkite and Fornino owner Michael Ayoub from the March 3 issue of the Brooklyn Paper:

Sitting at a table in his award-winning Williamsburg restaurant, Fornino, Ayoub was rightfully proud to be discussing his growing pizza empire. To call Fornino, or its newborn Manhattan sibling Cronkite, a “pizzeria” is a mighty understatement. What he offers—gourmet pies with homegrown and high-end ingredients, including homemade mozzarella and three types of specialty flour—is about as far from a plain old slice as you can get.

And that’s just the way he wants it.

“When I was a kid,” he said, “a slice of Sicilian at Pizza Wagon on 86th Street [was the best in town], but that was a different time and an uneducated palate. At this point, I’m a little bit of a pizza snob.”

Looks like Mr. Ayoub is considering a third pizzeria in downtown Brooklyn: "He hasn’t abandoned Brooklyn, however, and is hoping to open more restaurants soon. Right now, he has his sights on a spot in Downtown Brooklyn," the paper says.

Full disclosure: I was asked to give my 2¢ about Ayoub and his pizza in the story.

Pie in the sky [The Brooklyn Paper]

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