DETAILS: April 15. 12:30 p.m. The Cyclone. Coney Island

Well, folks, how long's it been? How long since Slice has convened a Pizza Club? I think Slice tried to organize one last year, but it wasn't an "official" club meeting and did not get a numbered designation in the annuls of Slice history.

Anyway, Pizza Club No. 8 will occur at a familiar location: Totonno's in Coney Island, the site of Club No. 2 in April of 2004. Before throwing back some pizza, though, we're going to ride the Cyclone, as per Slice tradition.

When? Tax Day. April 15 at 12:30 p.m. We'll meet at the Cyclone.

As always, the club is open to everyone, but please RSVP to by April 8, so I can get an idea of group size.

For more hardy souls, there's an optional hot dog appetizer course at Nathan's (1310 Surf Ave.), beginning at noon.

The Stuff of Legend: Riding the Cyclone and Eating Pizza and the Genesis of 'Slice'
In 2001, long before Slice was a glimmer in my eye, this site's metro editor emeritus, Seltzerboy, came up with the idea of riding the Cyclone on its opening day and eating pizza afterward. The first time we partook of what would become an annual tradition, we visited Di Fara, which was a first for me. It was that trip to Di Fara that served as partial inspiration for my starting Slice a little more than two years later.

In April 2004, Seltzerboy and I opened up our annual tradition to the readers of Slice in 2004, and we've tried to rustle up a crew of pizza freaks to ride the 'Clone and eat pizza every year since—as close to opening day as possible.

This year, Seltzerboy is unable to do April 1. I can't do April 8. So April 15 it is.

The Roster of Pizza Clubs Past
Pizza Club No. 7: Angelo's and Ice Skating
Pizza Club No. 6: Patsy's (East Harlem)
Pizza Club No. 5: New Haven, Conn.; Sally's Apizza and Frank Pepe's
Pizza Club No. 4: John's of Bleecker Street (laziness kept me from writing this one up)
Pizza Club No. 3: Sac's Place Pizza
Pizza Club No. 2: Totonno's
Pizza Club No. 1: Occurred at Di Fara; cannot find in Slice archives for some reason ??? Hmm.


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