Or is that a post office in a pizzeria? Who knows.

Nick Kindelsperger, of the Paupered Chef, but writing for Gothamist, visits a branch of local New York City chain Singas that also operates a contract postal service out of its location in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.

Time Out New York, which had this story earlier this year, explains:

According to the USPS, such amenities are called Contract Postal Units—basically, privately run extensions located in neighborhoods underserved by regular branches. The one inside Singas is maintained by building owner Rita Faraone, who explains it was part of a dry-cleaning business she had with her husband. The dry cleaners closed, the post office stayed, and Singas Famous Pizza, part of a tristate chain, moved in.

Aside from the de rigeur "pizza delivery" joke, what's Kindelsperger have to say about the pie?

The pizzas are freshly made, very cheap, and come out in under 8 minutues. Which should be just about the same amount time it takes to get some stamps if you happen to get stuck behind those old ladies who pay for stamps with pennies. The pizza? It's medium thick, with a buttery crust, and an overly sweet sauce. More like Dominoes than a New York slice.

The post office there is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Keep it in mind if you still need to mail in that tax return on Tuesday, April 17.

Singas Famous Pizza
Address: 257 Columbia St, Brooklyn, New York 11231
Phone: 718-858-9600
URL: singaspizzas.com

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