20070425rayray.jpgRemember when Rachael Ray was asking for votes for the best pizza in Chicago and New York City?

The results are in, and, according to Friend of Slice Tien Mao, they're being aired as we speak (if you're on Eastern Daylight Time). If you're in later time zones, you might still have a chance to watch; check your local listings. I, for one, will look for a rerun and try to DVR. In the meantime, Tien gave me some play-by-play. He's working from home, multitasking with some TV in the background, I assume.

hairmanmao: hey
hairmanmao: do you guys have a tv in the office?
hairmanmao: http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/?q=pizza-throwdown
hairmanmao: home run inn for chicago
hairmanmao: and gaby's pizza for nyc
hairmanmao: and chicago is actually thin crust!
nycslice: shite! no. we can't get cable here :(
nycslice: i'll have to see if she posts the video to her site at some point after the fact
nycslice: thanks for the tip
hairmanmao: there's already some stuff on her site
hairmanmao: i dont know that i've ever heard of gaby's pizza
nycslice: hmm. me neither. it's never crossed my radar.
hairmanmao: and the chicago dude said chicago is the "pizza capital of the world."
hairmanmao: and rachel ray gave a "shout out" to lombardi's b/c they deliver to her apt
nycslice: pfft
nycslice: they deliver to anyone in their delivery range
hairmanmao: i know!
nycslice: what, is she trying to look all special 'cause Lombardi's delivers to her?
nycslice: pffft
hairmanmao: and they totally got the worst judges
nycslice: who!??!?!?!
nycslice: dipshits?
hairmanmao: no, actual judges
hairmanmao: joe brown, lynn toler, alex ferrer
nycslice: geebus. i've never heard of ANY of these judges before. do they let ANYOEN have a judge show these days?
hairmanmao: they have a pretty good teaser of the show on rachel ray's site
hairmanmao: http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/?q=pizza-throwdown
hairmanmao: i guess they're going to say who wins right now
hairmanmao: well, in like 3 minutes
nycslice: cool
hairmanmao: they have a trophy!
hairmanmao: i suppose they can't tie
hairmanmao: as there are only 3 judges
nycslice: heh
nycslice: Not unless they stage it: "I'm going to recuse myself from this case."
hairmanmao: haha
hairmanmao: joe brown says it's a draw!
hairmanmao: apples and oranges
hairmanmao: loser
hairmanmao: the other two say that new york wins
hairmanmao: well, i guess it's official.
hairmanmao: b/c if these judges say so, then it MUST be true

Home Run Inn
Address: Several locations around Chicago; check here for one near you

Gaby's Pizza
Address: 20423 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica NY 11423
Phone: 718-740-9716


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