Sunday at Di Fara (by Slice)
Di Fara, taken in better days just a couple weeks ago.

The New York Times has its take on the most recent Di Fara DOH closing, with a bit more on possible duration of the shuttering:

Ms. DeMarco, 30, said her family was scheduled to appear at a city tribunal on June 14 to produce the paperwork and to determine any fines and the next steps. Until then, she said, “we sit around and wait; nothing we can do about it.”

And while we're talking about Di Fara, let me mention something that has made me almost as sad as this latest run-in with the DOH...

Burnt pies.

There, I said it. And I hate to say it, but with readers calling me out on this in the comments, I've gotta say something.

I first noticed it about a month ago: a pie that Adam "The Amateur Gourmet" Roberts received looked a little too blackened:

IMG_0115.JPG (by The Amateur Gourmet)
April 26, 2007. Photograph from the Amateur Gourmet

I hoped it was just a fluke, but when I visited on May 20, here's what I got:

Sunday at Di Fara (by Slice)
May 20, 2007

And then, on Memorial Day Weekend:

Dom, Cutting the Pie (by Slice)
May 26, 2007

Maybe this break will give Di Fara some time to adjust the oven and fix whatever needs it.


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