Slicester: 'Beware of the Underdog'

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

This just in from the Slice mailbag, with the subject line "pizza in CT."

Dear Slice,

So, I'm a devoted pizza addict and enjoy your website. I feel compelled to write because everyone loves an underdog and I keep seeing emails posted from people recommending Modern Apizza. Make no mistake, these are people who want to root for the underdog for the sake that they can one day say "I was a fan before they were famous". There is no comparison to Sally's (or Pepe's Clam). Modern produces a nice, fresh, relatively non-distinctive wood-fired pizza. All you can say is it is good, fresh and in any other city would be fantastic. But not in New Haven.

I don't think you've reached there yet and let me tell you, this is not the hidden gem that you're being promised. It's good, you'll eat, but you'll be left wanting. You'd be better hitting Luna or Harry's in W. Hartford which is even further than NYC but at least somewhat distinctive.

You are forewarned! J


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