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Big in Japan: The Pizza Hut Double Roll Pizza


SCREEN NAME REDACTED: prepare to have your mind blown: hot-dog stuffed crust pizza - http://yumsugar.com/407464
nycslice: seen it: http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2007/05/pizza_link_roundup.html
nycslice: ;)
nycslice: and, yes, my mind was thoroughly blown
nycslice: i kinda want it
nycslice: i wish we had real pizza huts in nyc
nycslice: instead of the pizza hut express locations
SCREEN NAME REDACTED: so do i - i love that it's half and half
nycslice: (um, i can't believe i typed that)

Pizza Hut Double Roll Pizza [pizzahut.jp]

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