On Serious Eats yesterday, I blogged about an AOL barbecue quiz, took the quiz myself, and flunked it. The questions were, surprisingly, quite obscure, and not necessarily the gimme you'd think they'd be.

In that vein, I thought it would be fun to create a similar quiz but for pizza. So we're going to test your pizza knowledge with a little SliceĀ–Serious Eats pizza test. Ladies and gentlemen, you may pick up your pizza peel now. The first five people to answer the following questions correctly will win a copy of my book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven.

Update: We have our winners. Answers to the quiz appear highlighted after the jump. Thanks for playing, folks!

1. Pizza Margherita was first created in what Italian city?
A. Rome
B. Florence
C. Naples
D Genoa

2. Pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito named the Pizza Margherita after
A. His mother
B. His wife
C. The Queen of Savoy
D. His girlfriend

3. In what year did the world's first pizzeria opens its doors?
A. 1812
B. 1830
C. 1860
D. 1880

4. What was the name of the world's first pizzeria?
A. Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba
B. Da Michele
C. Antica Pizzeria Brandi
D. Antica Pizzeria Margherita

Now let's move to pizza in the New World.

5. The first pizzeria in America opened in which year?
A. 1895
B. 1900
C. 1905
D. 1910

6. The first pizzeria in America was located in
A. New York City
B. New Haven, Connecticut
C. Trenton, New Jersey
D. Chicago

7. Which celebrity chef was the first to make pizza in his/her restaurant?
A. Wolfgang Puck
B. Alice Waters
C. Todd English
D. Lydia Bastianich

8. Who was the first designer pizza chef?
A. Mark Peel
B. Wolfgang Puck
C. Ed LaDou
D. Nancy Silverton

9. Whose picture are you most likely to see hanging on a pizzeria's walls?
A. Dean Martin
B. Frank Sinatra
C. Bill Clinton
D. Luciano Pavarotti

10. At which pizzeria do you have to order your dough a day in advance?
A. Tacconelli's, Philadelphia
B. Totonno's, Brooklyn
C. Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix
D. Sally's, New Haven

Bonus: Which legendary New York pizzaiolo didn't learn his trade at Lombardi's?
A. John Sasso (John's Pizzeria)
B. Anthony Pero (Totonno's)
C. Dom DeMarco (Di Fara)
D. Gennaro Lombardi (Lombardi's)

Update: We have our winners. Thanks for playing, folks!


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