We've Heard of 'No Slices,' But 'No Slicing'?

Last week, New York Times food critic Frank Bruni was all about restaurant accessibility vis-à-vis wheelchairs. This week, Bruni shares some emails regarding the piece, including this snip on Franny's:

It’s understandable that cozy little NYC restaurants might not have enough of a turn radius to accommodate wheel chairs, frustrating though it may be. Having had a relative in a wheelchair I can sympathize with your dining companion. But not slicing a pizza for someone who had just undergone neurosurgery on her (writing) hand because “the chef doesn’t do that,” forcing her husband to slice it for her, is unconscionable. I’m talking about your beloved Franny’s . . . My friend, whose hand was encased in a shoebox-sized Styrofoam splint, was denied that simple request. Shame on them! What if she was alone or accompanied by a quadriplegic? Who’d have cut her pie then? Would she have had to take off her shoes and use her feet?

[via Grubstreet]

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