20071031halloweenslicedude-64x64.pngRemember I said I would scare the living s&*! out of you? Here goes....

You may have seen this around the web last week. McDonald's food as pizza toppings. [shudders] For some reason, Adam didn't get around to blogging about it....

Oh. He just managed to slip out of his gag (I have him tied to a chair in the corner of the room while I hijack Slice), and he says that the images below made him sick to look at. They kinda make me sick, too. See, you've gotta remember that I'm a slice of pizza, so this kind of molestation cuts closer to the bone for me than it does for you. Here's more gruesome detail if you want it.


Slice Dude sez: "The human who created and ate this deserves the coronary he's going to get from it."

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