Awesome. I just remembered to check back on the San Francisco Chronicle's Michael Bauer and his blog, Between Meals. Bauer is, of course, the food critic there, and he pledged last week to begin a "Pizza Friday" series. He did indeed drop the first one. Here's a video from it:

20071011sunsetpizza.jpgIt's from Gialina in the Glen Park section of San Francisco. And I'm so upset I missed this place when I was out there in the summer of 2006. Actually, it didn't even exist at that point. See, I stayed very close to Gialina's future location and caught the BART every day at the station that's pretty much across the street from the joint. At the time, a place called Sunset Pizza (right) sat on the corner of Diamond and Kern streets, and its last day in business was the first day I ever sat foot in the City by the Bay. Oh well. So had I visited just a year later, I could have stopped in at this place. Oh well. I guess there's always another time.

Anyway, Bauer seems to have liked the joint ("Crust: The hand-formed dough, which takes about 12 minutes to bake, has a generous puffy ridge around the edge that's darkened but not blistered, creating a delicately chewy texture"). And it's gotten many a rave on Yelp. Here's the contact info:

Gialina Pizzeria

Address: 2842 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA 94131 (map)
Phone: 415-239-8500

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