20071031halloweenslicedude-64x64.pngNow I will try something new. I am going to target my frightening posts at specific markets! This one is for New Yorkers who seem to universally revile the HAWAIIAN PIZZA! Bwahahahaha!

Best Hawaiian Pizza Ever (by Katie Dickinson)

Photograph from Katie Dickinson on Flickr

Hawaiian Pizza (by dmalewski)

Photograph from dmalewski on Flickr

More horrors after the jump! Bwaahahahah!

Hawaiian Pizza. (by lynac)

Photograph from lynac on Flickr

Hawaiian Pizza with Thin N Crispy Crust (by the food pornographer)

Photograph from the food pornographer on Flickr

Hawaiian Pizza (by amy_sky)

Photograph from amy_sky on Flickr

Hawaiian Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Honolulu (by yuichi.sakuraba)

Photograph from yuichi.sakuraba on Flickr

Hawaiian Pizza with Chicken at La Favorita, Edinburgh (by www.theedinburghblog.co.uk)

Photograph from www.theedinburghblog.co.uk on Flickr

Hawaiian Pizza Topping (by Herman Saksono)

Photograph from Herman Saksono on Flickr

4th Aug - mmmm Hawaiian... (by Caz Harrison)

Photograph from Caz Harrison on Flickr

Had enough yet???


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