20071031halloweenslicedude-64x64.pngHope you got yr barf bag ready, peeps, cuz I got the NASTIEST slice of pizza you could ever hope to run away from.

It's a slice of pizza from a long-ago episode of Fear Factor and features a bile-based crust, cow-blood sauce, stinky cheese, and is topped with fish eyes and live worms. Yeeeech!

20071031fearfactor.jpgHere is what Fear Factor contestant Shelby Smith had to say about eating it:

Between all the coagulated blood and the cheese and the worms, I don't think I could even, at the time, differentiate what was in my mouth. I didn't even feel the crunching. I was chewing so quickly and trying just to get through it. There was so much stuff put together. Once it got inside my mouth and I was just chewing everything up, it really didn't even matter at that point.


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