20071031halloweenslicedude-64x64.pngYou thought you were going to get off easy, Chicago? No way, man. We all know you hate the thin, crisp slices that typify the New York school of pizza. So I'm subjecting your Windy City eyes to your own version of hell:

sausage pie (by roboppy)

Photograph from Roboppy on Flickr

Heart Attack Pizza Action Shot (by Transparent Reality)

Photograph from Transparent Reality on Flickr

The Hellmouth, as far as Chicago pizza-lovers are concerned:

Lombardi's (by roboppy)

Where it all started, folks. More or less. Photograph from Roboppy on Flickr

More thin crusted horrors await you after the jump, my broad-shouldered friends. Bwahahaha!

Di Fara Pizza:

Untitled (by La Mariposa)

Photograph from La Mariposa on Flickr

Behold the man and quake in fear:

Untitled (by La Mariposa)

Photograph from La Mariposa on Flickr

You probably hate coal-ovens pizza, don't you?

Totonno's Pizza (by NYCviaRachel)

Photograph from NYCviaRachel on Flickr

And you loathe perfectly balanced toppings without the megastuffed goodness of your deep-dish pies:

IMG_9474.jpg (by tienmao)

Photograph from tienmao on Flickr

And this boast totally rubs you the wrong way, don't it?

Written on the Mirror (by thewanderingeater)

Photograph from thewanderingeater on Flickr

What's that? Oh, you're crying? OK. I'll let up on you. ... Or will I? Bwahahahaha!


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