Editor's note: Last week, we ran an item on pizza in Reykajik, Iceland, sent in from homeslice Mark H. (aka Famdoc), who's written some reviews for us in the past (here and here). Mark grabbed some shots of the following:


Dear Slice,
While strolling the streets of Montpellier, France last month, I spied what must be the world's smallest pizza delivery truck, en route to a hungry, pizza-loving French person.
—Mark H.

Dear Mark,
Thanks for the photos. Another nice dispatch from far afield. I like how the guy in the cab of that thing is flashing the peace sign. By all rights, it should be the international hand gesture for pizza—it looks like an upside-down slice, peace sounds like pizza, and pizza brings a person momentary peace and fosters understanding among people of all nations. (I've also gone off my rocker.)

Hasta la pizza,


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