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What do you know about Pepe's in Park Slope?
—Mark H.

Dear Mark,

All I know about it so far is that I've passed it a couple times while riding in a cab or driving a car down Fourth Avenue. Also, one other reader a few months ago prompted me to check it out and I promptly forgot to do so. I'll head there this weekend and give a report. But first, lemme quote from the Chowhound link you sent, just for fun—and because the title of the post is Pepe's P&P (Park Slope's Best Pizza...Shhhh...).

You see, I don't believe in sitting on pizza secrets.

Discovery being in the eye of the discoverer, I can't lay claim to finding the best new slice/pie/calzone/hero shop in Brooklyn (south park slope no less) - It's just new to me and after several visits over the past month, I'm convinced this place makes one of the best slices I've ever had.

From it's tiny storefront, Pepe's Pizza and Panini on 4th Avenue - steps from the Prospect Ave. train station between Prospect and 18th Street will soon be over run, with a long wait and accolades from far and wide lining the walls. Until then, get your pizza on hassle free, time though is running out. Given the quantity to quality ratio in the area for pizza - Pepe's P & P does its part to even out the statistics.

The owner and cook are both masterful in their execution and warmth. The crust is unreal in its tastiness and tomatoes are flown in from Naples. The owner is a Napoli native and it comes through in the freshness and quality of the food....

Hasta la pizza,

P.S.: If it's exactly where I remember it, the Gowanus side of Fourth Avenue, I'd say it falls just out of Park Slope. But it's close enough, I suppose.

Peppe's Pizza & Panini

Address: 597 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (b/n 17th and 18th streets, Park Slope; map)
Phone: 718-788-7333

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