20071107skilletslice.jpgMark Bittman (aka "The Minimalist") suggests a novel way of preparing pizza in today's New York Times: pan-frying it.

Take pizza dough and shape it—small disks are best—then fry it in enough olive oil to crisp the bottom. Then flip it.

If the toppings are hot (as, for example, tomato sauce might be) or the quantities small (a bit of grated cheese, rather than a pile), all you need to do from this point is drop them on top, then brown the bottom of the second side.

For more heavily topped pizzas, Mr. Bittman says you'll have to put a lid on it to heat things up and melt them down.

Sorta gives new meaning to "personal pan pizza," don't it?

Here's the recipe. And here's a video of Bittman in action.


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