Dear Slice: New Mexico–Style Pizza?

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Dear Slice, Letters From Our Readers

About your article on regional pizza styles... I don't know if this really rises to the level of "style," but people here in New Mexico eat green chile on their pizza. Most people also dip their pizza in ranch dressing. It's so common that all of the local pizza places serve green chile as a topping, and most have some kind of "green chile and ____" topping selection.

The chile I can deal with, but the ranch dressing thing is vile and wrong (I'm from Chicago, so I have pizza ethics), but I haven't seen it done anywhere else so it may be a "style."

--Stephanie H.

Dear Stephanie,
The green chile topping, I've never heard of. And it sounds kinda cool and quirky and possibly even pretty darn good. It might have a kick to it similar to kimchi pizza. And I've had green-chile cheeseburgers before (in the style of Bobcat Bite Cafe), so I'm familiar with New Mexicans' proclivity to top things with the peppers.

The ranch thing, I have heard of. I'm from Kansas, and it was a popular practice there. The delivery places I used to order from in college included little tubs of ranch dressing--but it was always understood by us students that you dipped the end crusts in there--not any part of the pizza that contained sauce and/or cheese.

Thanks for your email!

Hasta la pizza,

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