For as much as I (privately) grumble about the internet, I love it for stuff like this ...

About 4:10 p.m. ET, I have the following IM exchange with my homeslice Philip G., who appears in the video above, capturing the first-ever video pizza upskirt at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix on his visit there:

PGTips: bianco was just on oprah
NYCSlice: wha?
NYCSlice: no way
NYCSlice: on the pizza show?

NYCSlice: where Gayle goes around?
NYCSlice: i need to record that damn show
NYCSlice: and blog about ti
NYCSlice: even tho it's old as dirt now
PGTips: yes
NYCSlice: kewl
PGTips: i didnt know if it was old or not
NYCSlice: yeah
NYCSlice: it's like a year or so old
PGTips: some standard slice place in NYC, a tray place in chicago, and bianco
NYCSlice: yeah
NYCSlice: some weird place in the South, too
NYCSlice: where gayle went to college
NYCSlice: looked interesting
NYCSlice: square pies
NYCSlice: their own weird way of doing things
NYCSlice: the place in NYC looked run of the mill
NYCSlice: i don't think i've ever been to it
PGTips: yeah, run of the mill indeed
NYCSlice: it's right across the street from the O magazine offices
NYCSlice: which is probably why Gayle likes it
NYCSlice: heh
NYCSlice: i'm going to check the site traffic now
NYCSlice: and see if there are a lot of Google hits
NYCSlice: from search traffic
NYCSlice: looking for Bianco
NYCSlice: when this place here in NYC was on Food Network
NYCSlice: (it's called "Slice")
NYCSlice: hwen it was on FN, Slice the weblog saw a lot of search traffic coming from people looking for Slice the pizzeria ...
NYCSlice: yep. just what I thought ...
NYCSlice: lots of search traffic coming in, keyword "Pizzeria Bianco"

So later, this evening, around 7:15 p.m., Philip checks in with this:

PGTips: just got a call from my aunt
PGTips: she is an oprah freak, saw the show apparently, and googled bianco
PGTips: she was like "i was watching oprah....and then i ended up watching you talk about pizza"
PGTips: haha.
PGTips: from oprah to seeing my face in like 10 minutes
NYCSlice: heh
PGTips: she was confused at first, she was like "do you know a pizza website has a video of you on it?"


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