pizza for chris (by a. graham)

Once again, I'm trotting out the heart-shaped pizza (above) my friend Andy made for his wife. Poking around on Flickr, I found about 140 pics of cardiopies. Who knew!? After the jump, a few of my favorites.

For deep-dish fans:

dodgeball tournament - chicago, illinois (by junyong pak)

From one of my Flickr contacts, marc0047:

My pizza shaped heart (by marc0047)

I like the creative knife work here:

Valentine's Pizza - pre-Baked (by darylandemily)

I don't know these people, but ain't their pie sweet?

St. Valentine s Day (by karenelise19)

Papa John's advertising a heart-shaped pizza:

Valentine's Day Special! (by Nieve44/La Luz)

And Papa John's end result:

Heart-Shaped Pizza (by charliebakerband)

OK. That's all. Be safe out there, kids.

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