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Hey guys, love reading the site, wish I had more independent pizzerias here in the U.K. rather than the same old chains. Still, I'll be building a wood oven in my garden this year so I'll have authentic taste.

Anyhow, I think I have found the most disgusting "pizza" yet (if you can call it that)--with a video on how to make it. [Video follows after the jump; warning--it will play automatically. --The Mgmt.] Love to know your thoughts:

Matthew P.
Debden, Essex, UK

Link: How To Make Pizza Lamb Leg Steaks [Video Jug]

Dear Matthew,

My thoughts:

1.) "If you could call it that" is right. It's a disgrace to call that thing a "pizza."

2.) It's a disgrace to call that thing a "pizza."

3.) It's a disgrace ...

4.) Keep in touch about your garden oven. Would love to see pix and such as you go about building it and of the pizzas you start making in it!

Thanks for the video link! Crazy shit like this is always appreciated!

Hasta la pizza, Adam


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