More Artichoke for you: New York magazine interviews Francis Garcia, one of the cousins behind the new joint in the East Village. This bit of owner-operated goodness sounds right up our alley:

Do you live in Manhattan now or do you commute?
We’re commuting now. When we make a couple bucks back, we’re definitely going to get a place over here so we can start getting open earlier. You know the BQE — the traffic is horrible — and I’m someone’s who’s crazy: If I can’t get there to make the pizza, I don’t want somebody else doing it. It’s either got to be me or my cousin.

As you know, it's our belief at Slice that the best pizzerias have a singleminded, pizza-obsessed owner-operator behind them. Think Una Pizza Napoletana, Pizzeria Bianco, and, yes, Di Fara.

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