Patsy's Door (by Slice)With all the different Patsy's in town, it's enough to drive you crazy. And just when you think you've got it all sorted out, someone comes along to throw another wrench in the works. This time, it's Patsy's Italian Restaurant in the Theater District. The joint is suing a Patsy's pizzeria on Long Island over the name and—get this—the right to claim Frank Sinatra as its most famous customer. The New York Post has the story here.

The Patsy's bringing suit is not related to the Patsy's pizza chain. It simply has the same name. For some background, the New York Daily News has a who's who guide to the various Patsy's.

Patsy's Italian Restaurant is claiming that the Patsy's opening in Syosset, New York, is causing confusion through the use of that name. And it's going to try to drag in the widows of Sammy Davis Jr. and Jackie Gleason to attest to its iconic status. As the Daily News story, points, out the seven Patsy's pizzerias aren't being sued because they existed before Patsy's Italian Restaurant registered the name.

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