I've had a lot on Slice lately about Scott's Pizza Tours, but you know, there's another pizza tour out there, one that's been around for a bit longer and that takes folks through perhaps the best pizza borough* in the city. And that tour, my friends, is Tony Muia's A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour.

Muia started his tour in 2005 and has been taking pizza-hungry folks around Kings County ever since, mixing stops at Grimaldi's and L & B Spumoni Gardens with spin around neighborhoods such as Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. It's thanks to Muia that I can point out the house where Joe Pesci's Tommy DeVito character gets whacked in Goodfellas (it's in Bay Ridge) and that I know which pizzeria John Travolta's Tony Manero buys two slices from, eating them as a double-decker, in Saturday Night Fever (Lenny's in Bensonhurst).

Anyway, I went on one of Muia's friends and family tours early on, had a great time, but then didn't really keep up with how he was doing. That's why it's great to see this update on the Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour in the New York Post:

A "Today Show" segment helped build buzz, as did word of mouth from enthusiastic tourgoers. Their favorite part is often Muia himself, who with his accent, slicked-back hair and tattooed forearms might seem as exotic to some Middle Americans as an Amish farmer.

These days, instead of sweating empty buses, Muia is juggling his roles as tour guide, marketer, publicist and accountant, while planning to grow his business with additional tours. His first spinoff, a tour of the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights, launched last winter; this summer he'll start a neighborhood tour taking in parts of brownstone Brooklyn and Victorian Flatbush, with a stop at Junior's for cheesecake and an egg cream.

The story does touch on the fact that rabid pizza freaks should be aware that this is a hybrid tour, a necessity after an early downshift from three to two pizzerias: "The change shifted the balance a bit on a pizza tour/Brooklyn tour hybrid that causes occasional confusion for foodies expecting a tasting tour."

A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour [official site]

* I say that, of course, because I live in the BK.


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