Singas Famous Pizza, East Village (by Slice)

Two pizza-related things of note on Eater as of late.

1.) Today, we find out that Wylie Dufresne's WD-50 serves "pizza pebbles." Some back story, if you're unfamiliar: Dufresne is one of them molecular gastronomist types, which means he does crazy stuff with food—like making pizza pebbles. As described by Adam Roberts, they are "... made by mixing variously powdered pizza components—tomato powder, parmesan powder—with a garlic-infused oil. The resulting pebbles are presented with dried slivers of shitake on a pepperoni emulsion." Roberts has a photo of the things, but the photo ain't so pretty.

2.) This one's from yesterday, but still amusing. And I must preface it with this: If you're familiar with Slice, you know that we're not all that keen on the mean, but this comment on the Eater is pretty funny. Here goes: "Singas make pizza like my mom would.... If my mom was a Korean who had never tasted pizza before in her life." I might point out that the folks behind Singas are not Korean but that the signature pizza there, as I was introduced to it by intrepid eater Joe DiStefano a few years back, does share the Korean love of spicy and pungent, with its jalapeños, onions, and garlic.


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