Dear Slice: Why Not Try a Bacon, Chicken, Chipotle Pizza from Waldy's?

Dear Slice

Slice mail answered.

Dear Slice, Letters From Our Readers

You should try the bacon, chicken, chipotle pizza at Waldy's on Sixth Avenue.
--Robby T.


Dear Robby,
I'll try it just for the topping combo, which sounds kind of interesting. Now the crust delivering those toppings ... it needs some work. Waldy's is actually fairly close to the Slice office, but I gave up on it after too many tough-crusted pies. That par-baking thing that they try to sell as a plus on the website ("The crust is par baked ahead of time rather than pre-cooking the entire pizza then reheating it, which creates a uniquely crisp texture") just kills those pies.

But, yeah. I will try it just for the topping combo.

Hasta la pizza,

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