20080513-artichoke.jpgEater reports that Artichoke Basille is serving a new pie. This would be no big deal at a place like Ray's, but at a joint that only has three types of pizza (regular pie, Sicilian, and special artichoke-spinach pie), it represents a 33 percent increase in menu density and now accounts for 25 percent of all items on offer. Says Eater, "... they were smearing a delicious looking pink sauce on a pie. Upon further investigation, it appears they have unveiled some sort of a crab dip pizza."

A call to Artichoke confirms that it is indeed a crab-topped pie, that they tried it out for the first time Tuesday night, and that they're bringing it back tonight. It'll be there for you later tonight, kids, should you want to get your dirty little claws on it. 328 East 14th Street, New York NY 10003 (East Village; map); 212-228-2004


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