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Pizza-Shaped Birthday Cake

Editor's note: Clicking over to the Slice inbox, we've got this great message and pix. --The Mgmt.


Dear Slice, Letters From Our Readers

Hi Adam,
I am CaneRosso on Slice, and I thought you might think these photos were cool. I own a pizzeria in Dallas called Campania Pizza, and my wife had a surprise party for my 40th there Saturday night. At any rate, here are a few pics of the cake she had a friend make.


Dear CaneRosso/R.J.:
That cake is awesome. I've seen a "pizza cake" or two in my day, but that one is definitely the best yet. Give your wife's friend my compliments.

One thing, though: Where's the pizza upskirt shot?!? ;)

Just kidding.

Hasta la pizza and happy birthday,

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