Clicking into the Slice mailbag, we've got this nice note, with a great link, from M. W. --The Mgmt.


Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersI've been enjoying (and commenting upon) the recent Sam's post, and thought you might in turn like to see this video. It profiles a few Carroll Gardens establishments, talking with the proprietors, etc. There's a lot of time devoted to Sam's, mostly an interview with Louie Migliaccio [the waiter/server/busser/bartender there], but a bit with his father, Mario, who talks about making pizza. There's also the owner of D'Amico's Coffee. It's not all pizza- or food-related, but I think the majority is.

Dear M. W.,
Thanks for the link! This is a great video. Beautifully produced, with great stories. Really gives you a sense of what the neighborhood used to be like. Again, I'll say it: I'm so glad that Sam's is still kickin' as a reminder of times gone by.

Hasta la pizza,


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