Yeah, you already know that you can use an iPhone to look up all manner of stuff via the Google Maps feature, but with the new 3G iPhone coming out July 11, GPS is added into the mix. I was poking around on the Apple site last week and noticed that the GPS feature page featured an iPhone trained on the location of John's Pizzeria in Times Square. And in the latest video tour, the gesticulating iPhone Guy looks up P-I-Z-Z-A in Manhattan and clicks on John's. (Video, after the jump.)

The iPhone: The Ultimate Pizza-Locator Device

My Case for a Free iPhone

  • Apple, I've been a loyal customer for years. From my Apple ][c "portable" computer, through the bad times, and now in the good times
  • I've been an advocate for your products among my friends and family. I'm letting one of my friends borrow my old iBook after a PC crash, thus introducing him to the ease-of-use of OS X. And now, even my recalcitrant PC-loving girlfriend is considering the switch to a MacBook
  • I developed a little iPod-based app—a pizza guide called the piPod (now retired) that was linked to by Jason Kottke, thus highlighting to thousands of tech-savvy users a little-known feature of the device at the time

But enough about me. With a free iPhone, here's what I could do for you:

  • Clearly, Gesticulating iPhone Guy loves pizza. Why else would he search for a pie while "visiting" Manhattan? But I think your pizza-finding algorithm needs work. John's is decent, but there are better pizzas out there. Give me an iPhone, and I will help you refine your device's pizza-sensing capabilities. The masterminds at Slice HQ are already brainstorming
  • Geeks love pizza. With improved pizza-finding capability, the iPhone would make your core base of users very happy and even attract new users who would abandon their BlackBerry or other smart phones for a device that could run a "piPhone" app. (By the way, I just trademarked that, so hands off)
  • Field-test the new 3G iPhone against grease stains. Yes, you have that new plastic case that replaces the old stainless steel back side, but have you tested it against grease absorbency? I didn't think so. I'm just the man for the job

And Now a Message to the Homeslices Out There

If we did a mobile version of Slice, would you use it? What types of features would you like to see in a mobile Slice? We've been kicking around the idea for a while, and if there's enough groundswell for it, we might begin development on it. Show your support, and Apple might even see that our dev team needs a 3G iPhone to test against!


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