One of Jeff Varasano's homemade pizzas. "One of my best-tasting pies ever," he writes on Jeff Varasano's Famous New York Pizza Recipe.

When it rains, it pours. Jeff Varasano's hometown paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, runs a profile on him today. This, in addition to the one the New York Times ran as well.

The AJC's piece has further insight into Jeff's character, painting him as a bit of a wonky engineer and pizza visionary:

To understand the Varasano mind and its approach to problem solving, it helps to know a couple of things:

> One: At the age of 14, he set the U.S. Rubik's Cube record with a time of 24.67 seconds and then published "Jeff Conquers the Cube in 45 Seconds: And You Can Too!" This achievement was noted during an assembly of his freshman class at Yale.

> Two: He is prone to saying things like, "I can watch two ducks fight over a piece of bread and go home and apply that. I see connections that other people can't."

I've met Jeff, and he's not as geeky (in the traditional sense) as this profile would make him out to be. He is, however, pizza-obsessed—a true pizza geek.

I like that this profile has more info on Jeff's upcoming Atlanta pizzeria:

Investors have approached Varasano about setting him up in the pizza business, but he and Stokley are planning on going it alone when they open this fall in the new Mezzo Atlanta building on Peachtree. Disagreements with partners, he claims, doomed his software business.

Isn't he nervous about the pressure of running and cooking in a restaurant?

"No," Varasano says. "Once I learn the brick oven, it won't be too different from what I do here."

Our own Ed Levine is quoted in the story, too, calling Jeff's voluminous pizza page the War and Peace of pizza blog posts."


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