Reader Z. B. emailed with links to the following videos, saying, "Wonder if you've seen this? Interesting idea with the tomato vine and upside-down skillet."

I've actually seen the upside-down skillet thing when Nick Kindelsperger wrote about this broiled pizza hack for Serious Eats last year. It's a cool trick that British ├╝berchef Heston Blumenthal, came up with, using the skillet as a superhot base to cook the pizza on. But the tomato vine trick is new to me and pretty cool. Readers, Blumenthal posits that much of the flavor we associate with tomatoes is in the vine, and he makes a sauce in a pressure cooker, lets it cool, and then steeps the denuded vine in the sauce overnight in the fridge. Anyway, the vids appear after the jump.

Sorry about the three vids. YouTube only allows for 10-minute movies, so it had to be broken up.

Heston Blumenthal, In Search Of Perfection: Pizza (1/3)

Heston Blumenthal, In Search Of Perfection: Pizza (2/3)

"The canning process, it's not lower quality. It creates different flavors. And that's very important. And it's the flavor of good canned tomatoes that make up a Naples pizza, and indeed most pizza that we recognize."

Heston Blumenthal, In Search Of Perfection: Pizza (3/3)


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