Where Is It: A Pizzeria from 'Mad Men'

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First, a confession: I haven't been watching Mad Men. Yes, I've heard it's good. But the last thing I have time for is another TV show to watch. Keep your tsk tsks out of the comments. (We're going to use them for something else.)

Anyway, my coworker here at the Slice–Serious Eats office emailed me these photos after the episode on August 17 ("Three Sundays") aired:

Here are screenshots from the 8/17 episode of Mad Men. After having dinner at Peggy's mom's house, the priest drops Peggy off "by the 4th Ave BMT." Assume Brooklyn. Not sure which stop, I'm guessing it's supposed to be 4th Avenue/9th Street, but not sure. During the earlier dinner scene, Peggy's aunt (?) said she was visiting her son at Greenwood Cemetery.

Here are two high-res screenshots, one where you get a full view of the pizza parlor. I just like the cool neon sign. Any idea where it is?

I have no idea where this is, actually. It looks familiar, but that could be my grease-addled mind playing tricks on me. Anyone out there know if this pizzeria even exists, and, if so, where it is?

The first person to ID it and send in a picture (or a link to a picture) gets an as-yet-to-be-determined pizza-related prize. Either email me the photo and location or leave your link in the comments. A car-free version, after the jump.

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Bonus Slideshow

I'm sure my mom worries about me. One of my hobbies is taking pictures of pizzeria exteriors. So far, these are all the places I've collected shots of.

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