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Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersI want to get pizza for lunch for Jaime B.'s going-away party.

Is Waldy's any good? How many people can I feed w/one of his large pies? (Any guesses? I know I can call and ask.)

What about Pizza Suprema--how many can I feed with one of their larges?

I still have horrible memories of my attempt to treat Adam w/pizza from Lazzara's on his bday at Blueprint, and not having nearly enough food.

Is there anyone else you'd suggest? (Am I too far away from Lazzara's to ask them to deliver?)

What about "Co.," Adam--any indication that it has actually opened? (I can walk past on my way home, I suppose.)


Dear Talley,
Waldy's blows. Crust is tough and yech. It's expensive and wouldn't feed many people.

Pizza Suprema is good. How many people are you feeding? A large is large enough. One slice per person = 8 people. You could probably ask them to cut it into 16 slices, though, but you'd probably want to go with traditional 8-slice cut.

I would suggest, for 16 people, 1 large regular pie and 1 large "upside down" pizza. (The upside down pie is one of my favorites at Suprema.)

If you have more than 16 or 16 hungry people, I'd suggest 3 pies. 1 Large regular, 1 large upside down, and 1 large regular with some sort of topping.

Lazzara's is good, but even their large pies are very small and only feed 6 people. (6 slices) And they're expensive.

I would go with Suprema. I'd imagine they'd deliver to your office.

Hasta la pizza,

New York Pizza Suprema

413 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10001 (at 31st Street; map)


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