Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got this awesome email from Justin C. in Zambia....


Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersI'm a federal civil servant currently on a four-month detail to Lusaka, Zambia, and until recently I had accepted that I'd be without good pizza during that time. Lusaka is the capital of a very undeveloped country, and the options are very limited even in the city. There are a couple fast-food pizza joints here (South African chain Debonairs and Pizza Inn), but they're terrible.

A couple colleagues recommended I go to Black Knight, a local bakery/coffee shop chain that makes pizza. The location in the Kabulonga neighborhood of Lusaka is the only one offering pizza, so after a few weeks of emptiness in my life, I finally (and skeptically) checked it out.



20080922-bk-upskirt.jpgAs the photos show, I was pleasantly surprised. Black Knight has two wood-fired clay ovens, and produces pies with good crust and tasty sauce. The cheese is a little weak; the aged mozzarella here has a slightly sour taste and inelastic texture, but not enough to ruin the pizza. The "Margherita" is really a New York–style cheese pizza with a little dried oregano sprinkled on top. Black Knight has a spinach-feta pie that's very good and a few others I haven't tried that get good reviews.

It's MUCH better than anything I expected to find 7,500 miles from the East Coast, and good enough to hold me over. If any readers are in the neighborhood, make sure to check it out.
--Justin C.


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