Clicking in to the Slice inbox we got this bit of intel from Slice reader and frequent commenter Brian Preston-Campbell.

Dear Slice, Letters From Our ReadersNot sure if anyone else has given you any intel on this, but I was driving back into the city last night and came down Worth Street to turn left onto the Bowery. While I was waiting for my light to change, I noticed that there's a sign in the restaurant window at the corner of Worth and Bowery (in the very heart of Chinatown, mind you) that says, "Coming soon, brick oven pizzeria." I don't have any further details since I was in the car and it was raining heavily at the time. Might be something, who knows.



Dear Brian,
This is the first I'm hearing about it. Chinatown is on my way home. I'll stop by tonight and see what I can dig up. Sounds like welcome news to anyone living or working in Chinatown, as Mosco Pizza, the lone slice outpost in the neighborhood, closed down. Let's hope they do slices as well as pies. Interesting location, I give you that.

Hasta la pizza,


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